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Is Untouched for me?

Do you spend hours researching the ingredients lists on the products you buy? Wondering if they are safe for your entire household (humans, pets, babies alike)? Are you obsessed about always choosing what is best for the planet? Do you have super sensitive skin?

If you answered Yes! to one or more of the above, we are simply butter for you.

How do you tailor for sensitive skin?

All products are completely free of gluten and synthetic fragrances. Organic, steam-distilled essential oils are used at safe concentrations, creating delightful, yet subtle scents. Unscented (naturally nutty) products are also available for those with extra sensitive skin.

Why the premium price?

Besides ingredients being certified organic, and certified fair trade, all products are water-free.

Water-based products contain at least 60% to 95% water, so what are you really paying for? Water-based products must contain preservatives. Keeping our products free of water makes them super concentrated and naturally self-preserving.

Oil-based done right with no filler oils, is great for all skin types.

A half ounce of hair butter has lasted some customers up to a year. That's 3 cents a day! A butter rule of thumb… A little goes a long way. If it feels oily, you used too much.

How do I keep my products fresh?

Keep your products below 80° F. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight or heat to keep properties intact. You must keep products dry because they don’t contain any preservatives. Adding water will cause them to spoil. Although it is not necessary, to make products last even longer, we recommend to keep them refrigerated. Just like how it is best to keep nuts in the fridge.

Keeping all products free of any chemicals and full of all their wonderful properties comes with a small trade-off. Separation may occur due to temperature and/or pressure fluctuations. Products will appear grainy if this occurs, but will not affect product performance.

Did your product melt on a hot summer day? No problem! Shake it and pop it in the freezer for a day. It will go back to smooth.