We are the only company that wholeheartedly embraces our values. Truly committed to vegan, organic, fair trade, raw, gluten-free, and sustainable ingredients and packaging.

Welcome to staying completely away from “natural ingredients” or “safe synthetics”. That means free of “natural” fragrances/flavors, preservatives, and any “naturally-derived” chemicals. Subtly scented, a little goes a long way, made in the USA products with domestic and imported certified organic, fair trade and vegan ingredients. The result is better for the planet and for you, from sprout to jar.

Greenwashing has become a prominent marketing ploy. Lip balms that come in recyclable (new, not recycled) plastic, covered in a kraft-looking label. Eco-friendly lotions that have over 80% water, requiring the use of artificial preservatives and wasting more gasoline during transport than more concentrated formulas. Planet-loving products with ingredients derived using petroleum. Earth-friendly products with palm-derived ingredients, which have historically promoted deforestation. Eco brands with ingredients harvested in unsustainable ways for the planet and using child labor. Planet-friendly products with hormone-disrupting fragrances that are yet to be regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), extracted in ways that pollute the air we breathe. Chemically-derived “Clean” ingredients that do not coexist in nature with us. Car antifreeze is one of the most common "safe' synthetic ingredients. Would you put it on your skin? What if instead of petroleum, it came from a plant? There is no way around it… synthetics are synthetics.

Thank you for being part of the change this world needs!




Founder @ Untouched LLC