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Deodorant Butter

Deodorant Butter

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Stay fresh and odorless for up to 24 hours with this creamy deodorant. Made for sensitive skin, it is free of baking soda and alcohol. It can even be used after shaving! Free of aluminum, it does not block sweat glands. Formulated without coconut oil, petroleum-derived ingredients, palm oil-derived ingredients, parabens or any preservatives.

Full Ingredients List: Cocoa butterROF, shea butterROF, olive oilRO, laurel waxW, carnauba waxOW, magnesium hydroxideM, tapioca starchOW, magnesium oxideM, babassu oilRO, jojoba oilRO, aloe vera powder OW and essential oilsOW.

OOrganic Certified, FFair Trade Certified, RRaw/Virgin, WWater-extracted, MMineral-based

As clean and ethical as it gets!

  • Organic
  • Fair Trade
  • Vegan
  • Carbon-neutral
  • Cruelty-free
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